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Färgelanda Genealogical Society is a society for genealogists and everyone interested in ancestors and family roots focused on Färgelanda Municipality and Valbo härad (Valbo jurisdictional district) in Dalsland in western Sweden. Wherever You live, You are welcome to join.
Valbo härad consists of eight parishes in Färgelanda Municipality: Färgelanda, Högsäter, Järbo, Lerdal, Råggärd, Rännelanda, Torp and Ödeborg, and one parish in Munkedal Municipality: Valbo-Ryr.
Dalsland is one of the Swedish provinces where from in the second half of the 19th century and in the early decades of the 20th centry most men and women emigrated to the United States, Canada and Norway, mesured in per cent of the population.
Färgelanda Genealogical Society was formed in 1996. Several meetings, lectures, walking excursions et cetera are organized. See program.
A publication called Valboforskarna is published twice a year.
Färgelanda Genealogical Soceity has about 180 members living in Färgelanda, other parts of Sweden and in foreign countries.
Subscription for members is 100 Swedish crowns (SEK) a year, and for family members 40 Swedish crowns. It includes the publication. For foregin members the publication are distributed  by e-mail as pdf file.
If interested please contact:

Färgelanda Släktforskarförening
C/O Leif Karlsson
Ljungvägen 1